We're a coalition of parents, educators, school leaders, and community leaders who believe every child in Chicago deserves a great public school, no matter what neighborhood they live in. That's why we're coming together to support great charter public schools in our communities – so that together, we can lift up our neighborhoods and give all our children the great education they deserve.

Elevating Chicago:
Bridging the City's College Divide

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Top Education Stories You Don’t Want to Miss – Week of February 18th, 2019

Meet the Principal who’s Recruiting Men of Color to Pursue Teaching Careers Inside CPS “Currently, African American men represent just two percent of teachers in the nation and there’s even less in Illinois. Butler College Prep Principal Chris Goins is working on a solution. “There are so many initiatives trying to recruit men of color […]


The evidence is clear: Chicago's charter public schools are providing a world-class education to thousands of the city's highest-need students. But you may have heard some misinformation about what public charter schools are, who they serve, and how they're funded.

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