We're a coalition of parents, educators, school leaders, and community leaders who believe every child in Chicago deserves a great public school, no matter what neighborhood they live in. That's why we're coming together to support great charter public schools in our communities – so that together, we can lift up our neighborhoods and give all our children the great education they deserve.

Elevating Chicago:
Reduciendo la brecha Universitaria de la Ciudad

Learn about how charter public schools are generating outstanding outcomes by reading our whitepaper available to download here.

Apoyando a toda la familia en Catalyst Circle Rock

Mi nombre es Charlotte Myers. Soy madre de un alumno en Catalyst Circle Rock y he sido miembro del personal desde 2010. Cada día siento el compromiso de devolverle algo a la escuela que tanto le ha dado a mi familia y a las demás personas.  Mi responsabilidad es asegurarme de que cada alumno/a de […]


The evidence is clear: Chicago's charter public schools are providing a world-class education to thousands of the city's highest-need students. But you may have heard some misinformation about what public charter schools are, who they serve, and how they're funded.

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