Rowe Elementary is the perfect fit for my family

My name is Amanda Prado, and I have three wonderful children that attend a great charter school, Rowe Elementary.  It wasn’t easy finding the right school for our children.  My middle son, Cash, has autism.  My youngest, Blas has a cognitive and receptive speech disorder.  It felt like an uphill battle attending private and neighborhood schools throughout the years.

Our children attended a very small private school but it was a exhausting battle to get the services my children needed.  We knew in order to receive these services we would have to attend a CPS school.  My husband and I knew that our neighborhood school was not the quality education we wanted for our kids. We started to research charter schools in the Chicago area and began to hear nothing but amazing things about Rowe Elementary. By then, we were hesitant to send our children anywhere, we felt like we tried every option.  We enrolled ourselves in the lottery at Rowe and crossed our fingers.

Just when we started to give up because we felt that the schools in our area had failed us (Cash had attended three different schools by then), we finally won the lottery!  We were able to enroll all three of our children to Rowe Elementary that fall.  Now we have a whole building of supportive staff and teachers there every step of the way. If you have a child in school with special needs, you know that it is important for them to find teachers that know how to adapt and work with them.  

Cash and Blas’ teachers accept their differences in the classroom and take every step they can to work with them. The teachers at Rowe have encouraged Cash and Blas’ outside therapists to sit in on classes to find out what methods of teaching would help them the most.  They have even called me and asked for my advice on how to best help them in certain situations.  I never could have imagined such a hands-on team working with us to help our children as much as we have at Rowe Elementary!  We are truly lucky to be a part of the Rowe Family.  I hope that other families like ours have the chance to receive the quality education that we do at Rowe.