Contact your legislator and let them know how much SB1 means to you as a charter school parent and Elevate Chicago coalition member.

This is big: a bill has passed through the Illinois House and Senate which would provide our schools with equal funding for public education – Senate Bill 1 (SB 1). Soon, SB 1 will need the approval of Governor Rauner. Before then, here’s what you need to know about the bill and its positive impact on schools throughout the state:

Illinois currently receives the least amount of state funding for public education in the country. This means that districts depend on tax dollars to fund public district and charter schools, putting poor neighborhoods at a disadvantage due to a lower tax base.

SB 1, if passed, would provide fair funding for education to districts across the state. SB 1 would provide more funding to the districts that need it most while ensuring that no district anywhere in the state, regardless of local income level, loses funding.

Charter public school students – who are overwhelmingly located in our state’s low-income communities – currently receive as little as 75% of the per pupil funding that other public school students do. That’s why it is even more imperative that the neighborhoods we work with receive equal funding through SB 1.

Thank your legislator today:

As a charter public school supporter in your district, I was happy to see that you voted in favor of SB 1.

Thank you for your support of this groundbreaking bill that will provide fair funding to all public school students in Illinois.

On behalf of Illinois children, I deeply appreciate your support for all public schools.

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