We're a coalition of parents, educators, school leaders, and community leaders who believe every child in Chicago deserves a great public school, no matter what neighborhood they live in. That's why we're coming together to support great charter public schools in our communities – so that together, we can lift up our neighborhoods and give all our children the great education they deserve.

Elevating Chicago:
Reduciendo la brecha Universitaria de la Ciudad

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Preservar el veto para mantener la Comisión Charter de Illinois

La Comisión Charter del Estado de Illinois está en peligro. Fundada en 2011, el papel de la Comisión es el de tomar decisiones neutrales para las escuelas charter para apelar las decisiones que toman los consejos escolares locales. Si una solicitud para abrir una escuela charter no se aprueba a nivel de la junta escolar […]


The evidence is clear: Chicago's charter public schools are providing a world-class education to thousands of the city's highest-need students. But you may have heard some misinformation about what public charter schools are, who they serve, and how they're funded.

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