4th District House Primary Forum Hosted at Elevate Chicago Coalition Charter School

With only four weeks remaining until the 2018 Illinois primary election, Chicago charter school parents, students, and other local constituents had the opportunity to hear from the 4th District House primary candidates. Our Urban Times hosted a forum for the candidates – Iris Millan, Alyx Pattison, Delia Ramirez, and Anne Shaw – at Rowe Middle School in the Noble Square neighborhood.

“The reason I’m here tonight is to get to know the candidates for the 4th district representative and what they’re standing for,” shared Noemi Villasenor, parent of a Pritzker College Prep freshman student. “I want to know what voice they will represent for the community.”

The first part of the forum featured pre-submitted questions that covered a wide variety of topics from spending priorities and campaign finance reform to Illinois’s budget and gun violence. Then, the floor was opened to charter school parents and community members. They asked questions about taxes, the $15 minimum wage, and gentrification in the local neighborhood among other important, sometimes controversial topics.

“I have been part of the parent committee [at Pritzker College Prep] for four years now. My daughter is a senior, and I see Noble really making an effort to engage the community in many ways,” said another Pritzker College Prep parent, Liz Pabello. “I think the forum was very informative. It’s important to be involved in the community, in the political process, and get to know your neighborhood.”

Pritzker College Prep junior, Roger Torres, thinks political engagement is important, too. His history class offered extra credit for attending the forum and Torres said he appreciated the encouragement to participate. “We are part of the future. We’re going to be experiencing the future that is being decided today.”