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Washington Post: “There’s a real progressive case for charter schools”

If you’ve paid attention to the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates and the talking points from “progressive” activists on Twitter, you’ve heard some version of the argument that charter schools aren’t progressive. But, Conor P. Williams from the Century Foundation – a progressive think tank – makes a clear and compelling argument for the progressivism of […]
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Top Education Stories You Don’t Want to Miss – February 1st – February 7th, 2020

Where’s the SQRP That Measures ‘Academic Gusto?’ By Maureen Kelleher for Chicago Unheard “To many parents, teachers and principals in Chicago Public Schools, the letters “SQRP” spell a four-letter word. SQRP–which stands for “School Quality Rating Policy“–has been a simmering issue for years, and it boiled up last June when Mayor Lightfoot’s newly appointed Board […]
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LEARN Charter School Network: A Founding Story

Back in 1980 – four decades ago – the original LEARN school looked very different than the charter public school network that we know today. Back then, it wasn’t a charter public school at all. It was just one, single private school named Lawndale Community School. It was founded by three women, two of whom […]
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