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Junior Sheriff’s Explorer Program at Catalyst Circle Rock

This is an interview with Jason Kent, the Dean of Scholars at Catalyst Circle Rock How did this program get started? It came to me to bring a program to Catalyst that would help with self-discipline, structure, and building inner character.  I first talked with the Sheriff’s office about a potential partnership, Sheriff Tom Dart […]
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What to say if your family thinks you have Betsy DeVos on speed dial

We know that if you’re reading this you care deeply about the importance of a great education. You may even consider yourself a champion for progressive values and social justice causes. Even so, Thanksgiving is rolling around, and you’re dreading that moment when Aunt Karen or Uncle Joe asks you or your school has Betsy […]
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Top Education Stories You Don’t Want to Miss – Week of November 18, 2019

The Latest Elevate Chicago & Partner Blogs Why would the Chicago Teachers Union negotiate a moratorium on charter public schools in their new contract? By Elevate Chicago “You might have missed this in the fine print, but for the second consecutive contract, the Chicago Teachers Union negotiated what’s called a “side-letter” (an addendum to their […]
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Catalyst Charter Schools: Supporting Dreamers

October 1st. Every senior at Catalyst Maria knows the importance of October 1st. The free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) opens to students across the United States. Catalyst’s OneGoal students attend retreats, with their tax forms and FSA IDs in tow, in order to be some of the first students to complete the form […]
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