A Letter to our Teacher

Ah, Mr. Stewart. What can be said about him? Well, Mr. Stewart can surely leave a strong impression on his students. Mr. Stewart has a wise and original teaching method, a charming smile, and is always full of jokes. He cares a painstaking amount about his students and their futures. Therefore, he deserves recognition because of the determination and interest and the passion that he has for his students. Everyone knows deserves every bit of it immensely.

We’ve been students of Mr. Stewart’s for about three years, and, in all honesty, he is nothing short of a miracle in the classroom. He will constantly push his students over their self-set limits and allow them to work at their own pace. He motivates them to do their very best and break any boundaries holding them back. Do his students stay on their grade level most of the time? No! Do you want to know why? Mr. Stewart has taught his students their grade level already. He sets his students up for eighth grade in fifth, and for college in seventh. He teaches them that they can rely on their resources. They are able to teach themselves, because he taught his students to do so. He taught them to be self-reliant and independent, because in the real world, there will be no one to hold their hand and constantly tell them what to do. In college and in high school, no one will remind them to do anything. He teaches them about life and how the world works.

Mr. Stewart is not just a helping hand in the classroom setting. He’s the type of person that, as was said, cares for his students and their education. He is incredibly real, as some would say. He’ll pull his students aside and ask if they are alright and if they need anything. He will try to get to the bottom of any situation that seems to interrupt their education. Mr. Stewart is a great educator because he will try to get to know and understand each and every one of his students. He is quite the motivational man, as you’ll see.

Reading is the key to knowledge. Time is money. Pay yourself before you treat yourself. Failure is not an option. Work diligently. These are only some of the amazing phrases and quotes Stewart’s students hear on a daily basis. This is motivation for life, and though most students may occasionally get tired of hearing them, these quotes are life lessons that helps his students succeed. He treats his students as mature young adults should be treated. He knows that his students should be mature and responsible.

Mr. Stewart has an amazing sense of humor. School is not all about work for him. No, his students will not spend all day in his class without working, but he will crack a joke just to lighten the mood. Everything depends on the amount of work accomplished in that day. He wants his students to finish the school year strong, but maybe in an advanced time period. As he says, work now, and you’re able to have fun in about 10 years in the future, when you’re financially stable and completely independent. He wants everybody to be able to live life. 



Ajani Cunningham &  Demaryon Whittman

LEARN South Chicago Charter School Students