A Year Focusing on Social Justice

Accompanying the Catalyst Schools’ core value of relationship are its 5 principles of social justice, faith, quality education, inclusive community, and respect for all persons.  This year, the Legacy Teams at each school have decided to focus their year upon the principle of social justice.

“There is a certain poignancy and timeliness to this theme, given the grave social injustices that have been committed against traditionally oppressed groups very visibly in the past months, and also systematically and intentionally since before our country was founded” said Catalyst Maria Legacy Chair, Tom Kingsbury.  “We are working to articulate the role that each one of us at Catalyst plays in deconstructing the systems that promote inequity and in working toward authentic racial reconciliation.”

Some of our teachers and leaders at Catalyst began engaging staff in conversations around racial justice and equity a few years ago, and we decided it was time to put these conversations front and center as we begin our work at the start of the new school year.  We started this work over the summer with a book club, continued it with our new teachers and staff last week, and this week we continued the conversation with our entire staff.  What we’re learning is that these conversations, though uncomfortable for some, are bonding us closer together as a staff and strengthening the fabric of which we are all a part.

For more on Catalyst’s commitment to social justice, check out their “Guiding Themes for a Just and Peaceful Society” from their Legacy booklet:  The Legacy of Lasallian Education in the Catalyst Schools.