Art in Acero Schools

At Acero Schools, our students work hard to achieve success. For three art students at Garcia High School, an Acero public charter school, this became a reality.  Belen Hernandez, Luis Daza and Alan Barragan were chosen to have their student artwork on display at the School of Art Institute’s (SAIC) LeRoy Neiman Center as a part of the CPS All-City Senior Portfolio exhibit.

The three students are part of Ms. Pacheco’s Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art Class. The AP Studio Art Class at Garcia High School is a college-level course that allows students the opportunity to earn three credit hours for college if they reach a specific score in the class. Ms. Pacheco learned about the program through her peers and became certified to teach the curriculum by attending an AP class with the Art Institute.  

When Ms. Pacheco learned of the opportunity for student work to be on display at SAIC, she selected students based on their AP art pieces. For the deserving students, this exhibit wasn’t only an opportunity to display their art, but also an opportunity to gain exposure to many admissions representatives of colleges and universities.  Some students even submitted their art portfolios to art schools. Ms. Pacheco said that regardless of their submissions the experience will benefit the students allowing “them the platform to communicate their thoughts and ideas with no hesitation.”

Acero is proud of the hard work of Ms. Pacheco and her AP art students!