Catalyst Maria scholarship winner aims to help her community and others around the world

The Sisters of St. Casimir ran Maria High School for over one hundred years as an all-girls Catholic school before they sought out and entrusted Catalyst to continue their legacy through the Catalyst Maria campus.  Today, a donor has established two scholarships each year to be given to Catalyst Maria seniors this year and moving forward in honor of the legacy of the Sisters. This is the first of a two-part blog series about the winners of this scholarship in its inaugural year.

Taylor Littleton attained a 3.53 cumulative unweighted GPA during her time at Catalyst Maria. She will attend Fort Valley State University and major in biology. She will be in the Army ROTC and plans to attend medical school after her undergraduate education.

Here is Taylor in her own words: 

My current post-secondary plan is to attend Fort Valley State University with a major in biology. I will be in the Army ROTC and will be in the army as a biological scientist. I will then go back to school to study medicine and change my career to be a biomedical scientist. I chose this path because I feel the need to help people and to make them happy. I love connecting with people who also want to help our community through education, health care and community engagement.

I am a leader here at Catalyst Maria because, while I have a busy schedule of my own, I always have time to help our teachers and fellow students.  I am a teacher’s assistant in many classes. I grade papers and help to prepare for the next day’s classes. I am here to stay and help out anybody in need.

I also have a strong desire to help others throughout the world. We are living in a hard time right now – with the Coronavirus, racial injustice, and leaders that are not thinking of us when they make decisions. However, I do feel like around the world, we will recover stronger. Our young generation is doing great things. We are out there protesting and telling people how we feel. We are stronger than people think we are. We are going to make a change.