Coloring Outside the Lines at Butler College Prep

I am Melvin McGrew and I am a proud parent and grandparent of the Noble Network of Charter Schools.

Before Noble, my son, Quincy, attended only private schools. Tuition was getting pretty steep, so we started to look for public high school options that would provide him the safety, care, and high academic standards that his private schools gave him. We looked at selective enrollment schools. My wife also heard about a new charter school opening up close to our home – Butler College Prep. She made an appointment to attend an open house event. After that, she kept hearing great things about Noble and its other campuses on the radio and from friends. She couldn’t make it to that open house, so I went in her place. It was the most incredible experience I ever had at a school. I was hooked! Mr. Goins, the founding principal, spoke movingly about his plans for Butler – how it would be run and the diverse, high-quality teachers they’d have there. I loved it so much that I invited my son’s best friend’s parents to attend the next open house. They loved it too! Our sons attended together.

Quincy’s four years at Butler were very special. The teacher-to-student ratio was excellent. My son knew his teachers and staff very well. They knew him well too! You see, Quincy likes to color outside of the lines sometimes. He has a playful energy that sometimes gets him into trouble. But, rather than take away his playful spirit, the Butler teachers enhanced it. They worked with him on exactly what he needed to be successful academically. Quincy also enjoyed being a part of the Butler basketball team. Together, they won three championships. We’re proud to say that he was the first student in Noble history to score the 100th point in a single game! Now, he’s at Western Illinois University, working on a degree in kinesiology.

If Quincy didn’t find his way to Butler, he would not be where he is today. I’m so grateful we found Butler, and to the teachers and staff who prepared him for college.