Elevate Chicago Families Participate in the 14th Annual INCS Lobby Day

Elevate Chicago parents were proud to participate in the 14th Annual INCS Charter Lobby Day.  Here’s a quick recap of our day in Springfield:

We started bright and early, and got on buses from all over Chicago and had breakfast along the way. It was wonderful to see support from so many different families from all across our city.

When we arrived in Springfield, the first thing we noticed was how much nicer the weather was. It was a beautiful day, so we gathered outside in front of the Lincoln statue to wait for elected leaders to arrive. There were hundreds of us there and our blue shirts seemed to match the sky! I am so happy that there were so many of us there to make our voices heard.

Ariel Johnson, the INCS Director of Government Affairs, kicked off our speaking program and rallied the crowd.

She was followed up by Rep. Yehiel Mark Kalish who said “We’re on your side!” It was great to hear that from one of our elected leaders.

Then we heard from Nieves Hernandez, a charter school parent from Rowe Elementary, who said she’ll never give up on her children’s education.

After the speaking program we all headed into the Capitol for meetings with elected officials, and then broke for lunch.

After more meetings, many parents headed home. But a few of stayed overnight for more meetings the next day and all had dinner together in Springfield. It was great to spend some time with other parent leaders!

The INCS Lobby Day was a long — but empowering trip. Seeing so many fellow parents advocating for their children was a reminder of why we do what we do – and a call to action for others. We, as parents, realize that no two students are the same and they all need creative approaches and innovative programs to allow them to achieve at higher levels, which is why we chose our schools. I’m so glad I participated!