Exploring New Things at Catalyst Circle Rock

My name is Micah Hampton and I am a 6th grader at Catalyst Circle Rock. One of the great things about going to Catalyst Circle Rock is playing in the orchestra. In 4th grade, we got one week to try out all of the instruments in the orchestra. I loved the string instruments – the deeper sounding ones the best. I originally wanted to play the bass, but it’s too tall for me. I play the cello now.

I love orchestra because I always wanted to know how to play music. I was interested in how musicians knew which notes to play and how composers knew which notes to write. Now that I am a musician, I have the answers to those questions. I really loved one song that we played last year – “Creature Feature.” It has a deep rhythm to it that is very exciting.

Being in orchestra also helps me in life – it helps me to explore and try new things. I never thought that I would play in an orchestra. When I got the chance to try out all the instruments in 4th grade, that was really trying something new. It was scary at first but now I love it. It taught me that exploring new things doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of.

Finally, being in orchestra feels like we all come together as a family. When one person plays, it’s just a solo. But when everyone practices, uses their own talents, and plays their own instrument, we make our family sound really beautiful. We sound like a complete family. I am so glad that I go to Catalyst Circle Rock so that I can be a member of this family.