Gary Comer Middle helped my son find his passion

My son, Harlem Daniel Henderson, recently enrolled at Gary Comer Middle School in September 2016. After his graduation from eighth grade this year, my husband and I plan to continue his education at Gary Comer High School, another Noble school known for getting students ready to go to college.

As parents, we are taking steps to make sure that Harlem’s educational opportunities are not limited. We’re excited that he will be attending a tour of Historically Black Colleges and Universities tour with Gary Comer Middle School this Spring.

Harlem is still adjusting to the curriculum at Gary Comer, and I would be lying if I said it’s been an easy transition. I tell Harlem the hard work he is doing now will prepare him for the next level. The teachers at Comer work with students in a way that allows them to identify each student’s gift—and to help to shape the next congressman, CEO, bank executive, activist or United States president.

Harlem wants to be an actor and plans to join the Gary Comer High School theater group, which I hope will give him better social skills, as he’s still kind of shy. Who knows? All I can say is, look out Denzel!

I firmly feel that our scholars have the ability to reach these goals and countless others. Gary Comer has helped Harlem find his passion and I am very grateful for that. But that’s what they do at Comer. They create an environment where kids can reach their true potential.

Written by Shirley Henderson