How High School Prepared My Son for Brown University

My name is Greg Harris. My son is a graduate of Gary Comer College Prep, a school within the Noble Network of Charter Schools. My son received a ton of support from his teachers and has gained mentors through Gary Comer that has continued to guide him onto college. I am proud to inform you that my son graduated with a 4.7 GPA and an ACT score of 31. Now he is attending Brown University and he is thriving. I am very grateful to Gary Comer College Prep.

They helped cultivate his ability to be self-motivated. He knows that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. The college counselors still call and check up on him and he is always excited to visit his alma mater when he comes in town. The love that Gary Comer has shown and continues to show my son, is like no other school I have ever been a part of. They genuinely care about their students even long after they graduate.

Gary Comer College Prep is a family that I am proud to be a part of. Because of the love and commitment that Gary Comer College Prep has shown my son, I am still an active parent. I am one of the parent mentors that volunteers with CHAMPS, a male mentoring program created by Vondale Singleton, the vice principal at Gary Comer. We meet every Saturday at the school and teach our boys how to be men. We surround them with positive examples of men in their communities and engage in tough but transformative conversations.

This school goes above and beyond to nurture their students and I ask that we continue to work together to Elevate Chicago!

Written by Greg Harris