Making Social & Emotional Learning a Priority at Perspectives

Amy Gambrel is originally from Detroit but has called Chicago home for the last thirteen years. Here in Chicago, she works at Perspectives Charter Schools as the Senior Director of Student Supports. She’s been with Perspectives for the past decade, starting out as a special education teacher. In her current role, she oversees special education instruction, student supports, social work, as well as health and wellness – the list goes on!

In every aspect of their work, Amy and her team focus on how to marry the pedagogical technicalities of instruction and various services with the social-emotional aspects of learning (SEL). They are constantly thinking about students’ mental health and wellbeing and how the five domains of SEL live within the Perspectives teaching and learning practices. The five domains are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Their students at Perspectives experience the social emotional aspects of learning through a multifaceted, layered approach.  From their mission and vision, to their culture and practices, to their support and instruction, SEL is everywhere.

That is because Perspectives Charter Schools view the social emotional aspects of learning as critical to the educational experience of a child.  They educate the whole child and believe in giving students the resources they need to have a healthy self-perception, build positive relationships, and hone their tools for productivity.