My Kindergartener Dreams Big at KIPP

My name is Maria Anderson and my daughter is in kindergarten at KIPP One Primary school. We share space with Orr High School located at Chicago and Pulaski. Quality education is extremely important to me. The public school that my daughter would’ve had to attend due to boundary restrictions reports at least 50% of the students performing lower than state averages on standardized tests. A good friend of my mine who teaches for CPS suggested I look into charter schools.

KIPP One Primary sealed the deal with a personal visit to our home to review expectations, curriculum and alleviate my worries. I know that my daughter is getting a quality education, comparable to that of private institutions, without us paying the cost of rent. I love the teacher accessibility, daily progress reports, homework and reading assignments.

My daughter comes home excited about what she learns every day. She is constantly challenged and even receives extra practice assignments when she’s mastered the concepts in class. KIPP also focuses on helping students cope with and positively handle their emotions. Through interactive parenting workshops, we get tips from a certified facilitator as well as from other parents. I am extremely pleased that I had better options available to help me set my daughter up for success.

Written by: Maria Anderson