New beginnings at KIPP Bloom

My name is Tanika Meeks, and my son Tyler just began school at KIPP Bloom this year.  Tyler is in the sixth grade, and we are beyond excited to see what this year brings him!  I’d be lying if I said that we weren’t nervous for him to start out at a new school, but we’re quickly getting the feeling that this is where he belongs.  Never in a million years would I think that a school would be as warm and welcoming as KIPP.

As a mother, the best feeling is knowing that I’m sending my child to a great school each morning. As soon as Tyler stepped foot in the door, we knew that KIPP Bloom was the right fit. The staff and teachers were so excited to meet us and hear more about his interests and hobbies.  Tyler’s favorite subject in science, and I can’t wait to see him thrive in that class, along with many others.

Being Tyler’s mother, I know his potential, and his new teachers recognize it too.  It is truly amazing what first impressions can do, considering I already feel comfortable knowing that KIPP is the right fit for him.  The fact that the teachers and staff at KIPP Bloom want to hear more about Tyler, his interests and his learning style really makes me feel like he is going to have a great experience in middle school.

Between Tyler’s passion for science, his ambition to attend college and the open learning environment, I know he has all the tools he needs to do well in middle school and beyond.  Although our journey at KIPP Bloom has just begun, I am so excited to see what this new adventure brings us over the next few years.