Parent Leadership Series 2

By: Harriette Coleman

Last week, we hosted three exciting Parent Leadership Series trainings across the city. More than 161 parents from Acero, Catalyst, KIPP, Noble, and Rowe Elementary Schools attended. At these trainings, we talked about the power of social media, how to advocate online, and other ways to join the fight for our students who continue to Elevate Chicago.

I want to thank all of the parents who attended one of these trainings and became an advocate. Your voice matters more than you realize. We are grateful and inspired to make noise with to fight for our students to be treated fairly. Check out this recap video of the fun we had!

Parent Leadership Series!

“The more parents get involved, the more we are able to have our voices heard.” Thank you to our parent leaders using their voices to help elevate Chicago for all kids. Join us today!

Posted by Charters for Change on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Thanks again to all those who came out , and we hope to see you soon!