Pritzker Alum Comes Back to Campus as College Counselor

My name is Liam Lawson; I’m an alumnus and employee of Pritzker College Prep in Hermosa. After I was turned down from a handful of selective enrollment high schools during my 8th-grade year, I decided to attend Pritzker. With the support of my education-driven family and the supportive teachers that worked with me in high school, I went on to enroll and attend Connecticut College. After school, I attended the Relay Graduate School of Education and wound up teaching back at Pritzker. My time in high school had prepared me for college, so I couldn’t wait to help out future alumni.

I am now an Alumni Counselor at Pritzker, and my role is to assist alumni that have moved on to college. I find myself helping out a lot of my own friends from school who have had some difficulties in college. I think of myself as a lifeline for my friends and other alumni that are struggling financially and academically in college. They can call me anytime to discuss an issue that they’re having, and I work with them to solve it. This resource is offered to everyone who graduates within the Noble Network.

I am also the rugby coach at Pritzker. Rugby is a great resource for students, and they often go on to play on college club teams. Students know that rugby programs at any college they apply to are often less competitive than sports like football or basketball, so they know they’ll have a chance to join the team. I have also started an alumni rugby league, so if Pritzker grads find themselves back home they can play. The community that we’ve built through rugby is tight-knit and supportive.

The resources that were offered to me as a student at Pritzker were a huge part of why I was able to attend college and go on to complete a graduate program through Relay. I am excited to go to work every day and help students and alumni achieve success. I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring for my friends, the alumni I work with, and the Pritzker family as a whole.