The greatest things about being a part of the Rowe Elementary community

My name is Yadira Montesdeoca. I am the proud mother of two Rowe Elementary scholars – a ten-year-old a son and a seven-year-old daughter. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to make the decision to send my children to Rowe Elementary School. However, not all parents have that opportunity. On May 17th, I will be attending the 13th Annual INCS Charter Lobby Day alongside hundreds of other charter parents. Together, we will advocate to ensure that all parents can choose the school that best serves their children.

Before we moved to Rowe Elementary, my children attended a small district public school – it wasn’t even 350 students! It was a good school, though. The teachers were thoughtful and were truly concerned about how each of their students were progressing emotionally and academically. Teachers and other staff members knew every child’s name and some staff continue to check in on us today.

This school, as warm as it was, did not support our family in ways that we needed it most. For example, there were no after-school or summer programs for my children to participate in while I had to work.

Then, I learned about Rowe Elementary School. While I studied for my own degree, DeVry University gave me an internship position at Rowe IT department and they eventually hired me on full-time. After seeing the high academic standards, resources to support families, and encouraging school culture, I made the decision to move my children to attend school there.

The foundation of a Rowe Elementary education is their strong academics. The transition from our district school to Rowe Elementary was tough! But after a few weeks with the new structure, heightened expectations, and opportunities outside of school, my children are secure and thriving. Classes here are not all about sitting still and listening to a teacher lecture. My children spend their day learning from their teachers and from each other. Rowe makes learning fun.

Rowe also has a number of support resources for families that make it easier for working parents like me. The before- and after-school programs are incredibly helpful. Enthusiastic school staff are there as early as 6:30am. We usually arrive at school for breakfast at 8:10. Because I work at the school, we stay as late as 5:00pm. There are programs going on for scholars and families throughout the day.

The Rowe Elementary community treats every student and parent as if we are all a part of a big family. We all take care of each other. All parents deserve the opportunity to choose a school that treats them that way. At the same time that gives the opportunity for us parents, to be part of the PAC committee, which motivates us to be involved in activities that can help us to strengthen the relationship parent-student- school.  I’m lucky to have found it at Rowe, but more parents should have the same opportunity.

That’s why I’m going to Springfield on May 17th with hundreds of other parent advocates. We’re going to speak with our state legislators to make sure that all children, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.