Top Education Stories You Don’t Want to Miss: June 24 – June 30, 2023

Pride+Ally Club at ITW David Speer Academy Creates A Safe Space for ALL

By The Noble Schools

“A student confided with me that they were gay but were afraid to come out for fear that their parents wouldn’t accept them. They trusted me because they knew I was one of the leaders of the Pride+Ally club and felt safe to share their story with me.” This is what Mr. Sanabria, a special education facilitator and performing arts teacher at ITW David Speer Academy, said was one of the reasons why he leads the Pride+Ally Club at Speer.”

Black-Owned Businesses Take Gary Comer College Prep’s Prom to New Heights

By The Noble Schools

“Did you know that “prom” is short for Promenade? Or that proms originated as an event for college students? How about that the last school to integrate prom did so in 2013? With each decade comes a new discovery or groundbreaking change to the popular school event. This year, Gary Comer College Prep took prom to new heights by working with a record number of Black-owned businesses and vendors to serve our students. In honor of Juneteenth this past week, check out these awesome businesses and learn more about them below. P.S. Make sure to hire them for your events and parties, too!”

Meet Chicago Bulls College Prep’s Founding Debate Coach

By The Noble Schools

“I think knowledge is cool. I think learning new things is cool.” Haiyen Truong, an AP U.S. History teacher and debate team coach at Chicago Bulls College Prep, lives by these words. We got a chance to sit down with her, learn about her story, and why knowledge is so cool to her – and, most importantly, how her beliefs in learning inform her work at Bulls. GROWING UP. Haiyen Truong is a Chinese-Vietnamese American who came to the United States with her parents when she was four years old. She and her family were able to come to the U.S. with the aid of her uncle, who fought in the Vietnam War as a pilot on the U.S. side. Through his work for the U.S. government, he gained citizenship – and thus, Truong and her family were able to migrate to the United States.”