Top Education Stories You Don’t Want to Miss: October 15 – October 21, 2022

Former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Vote in Loop, Surprise Students on Chicago Visit

By Leah Hope for ABC Chicago

“Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama were back in Chicago Monday. The Obamas stopped by the early voting supersite at Clark and Lake to cast their ballots for the November general election before surprising students at two different Obama Foundation events. Mr. Obama also listened to what the students said could be barriers and urged them to bring other students into their organizations so they can find the potential in themselves. “If you’re not willing to take the risk of discovering your own power, than it probably won’t happen,” he said, “but if you are, I think the world is going to be open to help you figure it out.” “He was just so down to earth, just very open, he can start up a conversation, just amazing,” North Lawndale College Prep peace warrior Aniya Hill said.”


President and Mrs. Obama Return to Chicago and Surprise Students at South and West Side Events, Discuss Importance of Youth Leadership and Finding Passion

By The Obama Foundation

“Today, President and Mrs. Obama surprised Chicago youth at events aimed at understanding student experiences and shining a light on resources, programs, and organizations that empower youth across the city. President Obama surprised over 60 Chicago high school students at 167 Green Street for a day of activities and conversation. In collaboration with the local businesses and support from Nike, students had the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities – from yoga and meditation to art therapy and even a hair product creation tutorial. President Obama also participated in a panel with Chicago Bulls player, Ayo Dosunmo, Chicago Bulls Creative Strategy and Design Advisor, Don C., and Chicago high school students Adeeb Borden, sophomore at Butler College Prep, and Aniya Hill, senior at North Lawndale College Prep. Students shared their experiences and heard from panelists on a number of topics, including the importance of utilizing community resources and organizations, like the Obama Foundation, to find their purpose.”


Barack Obama Surprises Chicago Students With Appearance At Youth Event

By Colin Boyle for Block Club Chicago

“Nearly 60 students were treated to a surprise visit from former President Barack Obama as part of a special event organized by his foundation Monday. Obama made a special appearance in at 167 Green Street in Fulton Market to participate in a four-person panel discussing the future of Chicago, hopes for the future of the city’s youth and what barriers they face. Students representing various Chicago schools and 12 youth-serving organizations were invited to the event.”


The Strength to Move Forward – A Custodian’s Impactful Journey

By The Noble Schools

“I’m not a teacher, but I can encourage them to keep going.” – Jonathan, Custodian, Rauner College Prep Jonathan, a custodian staff member at Rauner College Prep, says his work is not about the money. “I love the kids and I love the job. I do this because I’ve seen the Latinx and African American kids who need a model as they’re struggling to finish school and staying away from the street life,” Jonathan said.”


Latinx Heritage Month at Rowe-Clark

By The Noble Schools

“Rowe-Clark proudly celebrates Latinx Heritage Month to represent the voices of our Latinx students. Throughout the years, Rowe-Clark has had an increase in Latinx students, ranging from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras, to many other countries. Rowe-Clark is proud and excited to shine a light to Latinx Heritage Month with our diverse population. This year at Rowe-Clark, we’ve been celebrating Latinx Heritage Month by allowing our students to dress as the culture they represent or support. Students engaged in “papel picado” and “calaveritas” activities throughout the month. We will close out the month with delicious food and a fiesta!”


“I Am No Different”: A Transgender Student’s Coming Out Story

By The Noble Schools

“Hi! My name is Cameron. I am no different from any other teenager. I love to play video games, draw, skate, and hang out with my friends. But some people look at me or treat me differently because of the way I look, present myself, or act. I am a proud transgender male. I’m proud to be transgender because I want to represent and motivate other teenagers who also want to be themselves in school. We shouldn’t have to be viewed any differently from anyone else just for being us. So, I wanted to share my story.”


Illinois students are getting their first broad exposure to Asian American history this year

By Susie An for WBEZ

“That’s a key goal of the TEAACH Act, or Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History, which requires Illinois schools for the first time this year to teach a unit of Asian American and Pacific Islander history. It’s meant to boost cross-cultural education for all students and advance racial equity. Some teachers have jumped in headfirst, while others are still preparing their lessons. The law says every public elementary and high school should include a unit of AAPI history, but local schools have the freedom to decide what that looks like.”